Many to many base help and linking tables

I’m working on a base to track interviews. One thing that is causing confusion is the following: when does linking tables cause issues? For instance, in the screenshot, I’m worried that structure will cause issues since:

  • company is connected to Contacts, which is also connected to Interviews
  • company is connected to Job Postings, which is also connected to interviews.

My goal is as follows, when I have an interview, I would like to add a new line item in Interview and be able to pick the contact and the job (e.g. job 123, with the VP of XYZ).

Here is what I came up with…will this cause issues? do you have suggestions?

Thank you! This community is amazing, by the way.

Hi, it looks OK. I don’t think it should cause issues.
Here is one of my projects base (it was maintained by other person in a strange way “in any unclear situation create link or lookup” for a few years and went out of control). I did a partial cleanup and it’s working ok, but i’m still not satisfied how it looks like, and it’s not ok and can cause issues.

But yours - seems legit.

Thank you very much for the reply, @Alexey_Gusev .
I’m blown away by the base in your screenshot.
I’m also now encouraged to begin developing deeper base connections, given the caution to use lookups/rollups whenever possible. It’s nice to see a more complex sample so that I have the confidence to build up my own.

Thanks again.

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