Map Block: Record List and Zoom to Record


I’m using the Map Block for a research project and it works great, but I think it could benefit from two hopefully simple-to-implement features:

1. A collapsible record list showing the records that appear on the map.
This could of course function exactly like the Record List Block, and may look similar to Calendar views (the calendar or in this case map appear on the left side of the screen, and a record list on the right). Right now I’m using both blocks in tandem, but they don’t technically relate to one another so I have to collapse/minimize the map block to see a full list of records. Seeing the map and the list of records side by side would be very useful. I could then expand a particular record easily without having to find its location on the map, selecting the correct marker, and then clicking expand record.

2. A “zoom to record feature” for maps.
It would be nice to either search within the Map block to find a record, or select from the record list described above and have the ability to zoom to the record’s location on the map. Right now, navigating back and forth between non-proximate sites in the Map block is cumbersome, and one would need a general idea of where a site is geographically to get to it; that, or clicking on each marker until they select the right record.