Map icon colors - weak contrast

I believe the default colors used in the map block do not contrast enough w/map. The colors need to be darker/bolder. Light/Map/Satellite all have difficulty showing colors.
Is there anyway to customize this?

Welcome to the community, @CM_s_Developer! :smiley: Sorry to see that this wasn’t addressed sooner. Click on the gear in the upper right of the block to open the block settings. There are options in there for changing the marker color, size, and shape, though they’re somewhat limited. If the predefined colors won’t work, you can use the “By select field” option instead. You’ll need to create a single select field with options for the colors you want to choose. The option text doesn’t matter; it’s the color you assign to each option that drives the icon color on the map, meaning that you can have a different icon color for each record if you wish. It’s still not a full RGB palette, but it might give you enough choices to find a color with sufficient contrast.