March product updates

Hello Airtable Community!

March was a big month here at Airtable with the launch of some highly anticipated features. To make sure no one missed anything, we have gathered updates big and small in one place.

We’ll start by shining the spotlight on our latest product updates:

  • We expanded the capabilities of our Synced tables.
  • Created a Marketplace Collection of handpicked tools for those looking to build and expand their Marketing workflows.
  • Introduced a way to organize your views into collapsible View Sections
  • Expanded on our collection of Automation triggers and actions including some exciting new betas (Hootsuite and Salesforce)!
  • Creating Automations has never been easier- with the introduction of new customizable automations templates which will walk through the process of setting up new automations on the fly.
  • Launched the newest View type - the Gantt View allows users to easily visualize a schedule of related activities over time.
    • We have recently updated this view to allow a custom list of holidays, in addition to weekends.

Now let’s take a look at those less flashy, but still very essential, improvements you might not have noticed:


Is there a reason why I can’t see the toggle for “sync source” while I’m syncing 3 different bases into 1?

Sync source

The Sync source option allows you to see where the synced data is coming from. When this option is toggled on it will populate your destination table with a new field that shows the name of the view source that each record in the synced table comes from. When you create a new sync, this option will default to being turned on.

My guess is that Airtable accidentally added that information to their support article before officially rolling out that feature, but I would really love to see that feature in the product too! I hope they add it ASAP!


Ha! Crossed my mind, but then thought… nah, that won’t be it :sweat_smile:

@Rose_K , can you give us hope?! It would make so much sense to see where your data is coming from (eg 3 to do tables from 3 different teams) in a seperate field! :pray:

ps: why only 3 sources possible on the pro plan?

Hello @Databaser and @ScottWorld ,

We are looking into a bug that may be related to the “Sync source” discrepancy now- I’ll update this thread as soon as I hear any updates!


Wow… if this is the new “Airtable getting involved in the community forum”, I"m going to be a big fan :star_struck:

Thank you @Rose_K !


@Jason just confirmed in this thread that this feature didn’t make the launch, but will be coming at some point in the near future:

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I just came to relate the update, and you were one step ahead of me- thank you so much for looping that over here @ScottWorld! :sparkles:


@Rose_K Haha, thank you & you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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