Mark product suggestions as Unresolved or Resolved in the forum

To keep better track of product suggestions, I propose to add a “resolution status” field to posts in the actual Show and tell / Product Suggestions community forum.

This is additional information to a “closed” status on a post: it indicates whether or not the suggested feature is now available in Airtable.

Could work similar to what exists in Stack Overflow.

I suggest the following options:

  • open (use case or feature is still impossible)
  • partially resolved (some progress has been made, still not quite the OP suggestion though)
  • completely resolved (OP suggestion is now supported)

+ next to status field, optional anchor links to one or more comments in the response thread
(“this post has been solved by comments X and Y”)
… like in Stack Overflow actually

+ anyone can set alerts on post status changes

Adding this status field to individual post pages, as well as a column to the posts list (with filtering options), would make the whole suggestion process much easier to browse.

I have no particular opinion about who should set this field: whether the OP or the forum admins.

Editable by OP:
+ more democratic
+ less work for Airtable staff
- risk of not being updated
- risk of long and confusing debate threads

Editable by Airtable staff:
+ information more trustworthy
- forces Airtable staff to maintain progress data both in their internal issue tracker AND the community forum
- risk of community backlash if features marked “complete” by staff when use case is subject to interpretation