Markdown field type

It would be great to have a long format text field that supports markdown


Great idea. I hope this post gets attention.

I’d recommend jumping on the Formatting options for Long Text feature request bandwagon, that seems to encompass what you’re looking for.


+1 Opens up countless possibilities

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@drassi I take your point, but I feel like that that other request (although a very good idea) has been somewhat muddied with many other feature requests (rich text fields etc).

I thought it would be a good idea to request this more specific feature in the hopes that it might be easier to implement, and perhaps get a little more traction :thinking: (given that other request has been around from 2016!)

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Must-have! This would supersede a bunch of related requests – hyperlinks for one.

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Wanted to use Airtable to build a Knowledge Base of coding issues. Dropped the idea as soon as I have found out that my code won’t look as code as Airtable does not support Markdown. It is a big shame.