Markdown Help Text on Forms

I find text fields on Airtable jarring - sometimes it’s markdown, sometimes html, sometimes both, sometimes neither.

My suggestion is to allow markdown in the help text field on forms. Being able to add hyperlinks and format text would go a long way to helping me help those who are filling out the form.

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I think it’s an inept implementation that leans into open standards while skirting the true essence of Internet architecture.

No system in 2022 can escape the need to convey information over HTTP using HTML. How they are able to build such half-baked, partially planned, and woefully incomplete conveyance designs for a world where the Interwebs matter so greatly, is a mystery.

FWIW, I only meant to add context to my suggestion - to unify the text experience - with that sentence. I’m sure there are reasons behind those decisions.

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Agree. It should be consistent. I’m sure the Airtable architects agree, but they have layers of legacy to unwind I suspect.