Markdown Images in Scripting Block!?

Been trying to wrap my head around how to display record attachments (images) in the markdown output of the scripting app. I heard rumours that’s possible :slight_smile: but haven’t seen any code snippets that seemed to be working []!($URL) produces errors asking for a function called

Any hints?

Hi @Martin_Kranz ,

Here’s the syntax for rendering images with Markdown – you’ll want to put the exclamation before the square brackets, and then it should work!

Here’s an example for the scripting app:

let attachmentURL = record.getCellValue('Attachments')[0].url;

Hope this helps!


Sweet! Thanks Erin, helped a lot!

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@Erin_OHern It’s working like charm, but is there any easy way to get to the thumbnail image ?


by any chance!?

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