Marketplace apps and privacy

I was looking at some of the third party apps in Marketplace and am a bit concerned about the apparent lack of support for privacy.

When clicking to add any of the apps, there is a standard phrasing, which includes the name of the app:
Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 12.40.56

“Your use of the app is subject to [app provider]'s terms and conditions and privacy policy”

Given that many of the apps don’t have a website (so the support link is to Airtable support), there is no privacy policy or terms and conditions.

Even where there is a website (eg for miniExtensions) the privacy policy and terms and conditions on the website relate only to the website, and not the app.

Are all of the 3rd party apps at our own risk, as it were? What checks do Airtable do on apps before they are added to the Marketplace?

I’m thinking that this means my organisation won’t be able to use any non-Airtable provided apps…

The standard phrasing is more about Airtable’s lawyers than the actual privacy support. This standard text appears even in my app that reads no record data and sends no data over internet.

Airtable now requires all new marketplace apps to have a privacy policy and terms and conditions. Some older apps may be missing one or the other.

Airtable also does a fairly rigorous review of apps, including what outside services / network calls are used by the app.

You can read more about marketplace app requirements in the documentation.

If you are concerned about privacy, you can reach out to the app developer for more details to satisfy your company’s legal department. However, marketplace apps are safe to use.


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