Marking fields as needs review


Hey guys,

I’m currently thinking about migrating from google sheets to airtable. One feature that my team really likes about google sheets is that they can colour individual cells. The use case for this is a more junior member of our team will go through and fill a bunch of information in, then mark the cells they are unsure about as red. Then a senior employee will come in and go over the cells marked as red.

Whats the best way I can recreate this behaviour in airtable? I know theres the comments section but the reason they like it so much in google sheets is that they can remain in the grid view and see which cells require more attention.


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To my knowledge, this behavior can’t be replicated in Airtable. Database fields may look like spreadsheet cells, but aside from the data they contain, they’re not independently tweakable like cells. Any formatting applied to a field affects that same field across all records (rows), and Airtable’s formatting doesn’t even include field-level color coding.

The closest you can get is record-level color coding, which can be set to match the color used for a single-select field, or based on a condition you specify. In that vein, you might consider adding a single-select field with a single entry like “HELP!” that’s colored red, then set the Color options for the table (click the Color button in the table’s toolbar) to have records match that field’s color. That will put a colored marker to the far left of the record (between its row number and first field label) for any record where that “HELP!” entry has been chosen, which will at least let you know which row has something that needs attention.