Marking Row as Complete (Conditional Tag?)


This may be a pretty simple problem, but I’m brand new to Airtable and haven’t been able to figure it out.

I would like to mark a row as “complete” when all the fields in that row are filled. (in a perfect world I’d love the entire row to change color… but at this point I would just settle for a field marked “done”)

For example.
Say I have a list of products… and I want to collect 5 leads of possible retailers who could sell each item. Once i’ve found 5 retailers for that product I want that row marked as “complete” (turn green or something.) The problem is that some of the rows will contain urls, some contain emails, some contain nothing more than a short text phrase.

I basically just want to know when all the fields contain SOMETHING… In excel it would basically be (if cells 2-6 are NOTBLANK color = green)

Can i do this on Airtable?


Yes, you can!

With the pro plan, you can color the rows based on a filter.

Without the pro plan, you can do the following:

  1. Create a new column of type Formula

  2. Enter in a formula like this:

     IF(AND({Column Name},{Column Name},{Column Name},{Column Name},{Column Name}), "Complete", "")

    Replace each one with your column names. If there’s anything in the cell, it will be considered TRUE. If they’re all TRUE, the cell with say “Complete”, otherwise it’ll remain blank, represented by the empty quotes.


In addition to what @Danny suggests, without the Pro plan you can always fall back on using emojis to create easily recognizable visual cues as to the status of a record.


Thanks so much! Worked great!