Master Calendar - Quarterly repeating events

I have a pro account and want to use gantt charts to view a master calendar, but I am struggling with the best way to add, view and update all of the events. I am working from a spreadsheet that has about 120 events assigned to different departments, different owners, etc. Each of those events happen 4 or 8 times a year. In the spreadsheet, I have a column for the event, columns for each associated details, and 8 columns for the bi-quarterly deadlines. I want to be able to view all deadlines by quarter and by month - so I need to be able to create a master list with all 600-880 unique events, each with their own start and end date so I can link each event to a quarter and a month, right? But leadership still wants to be able to update deadlines in the original format where each launch deadline, for each repeating event, is visible in one row (original document format). What is the cleanest way to connect each of the 120 events to 8-16 dates, creating 4-8 instances of those original events throughout the year? Can I auto repeat? Any example bases I should look at? How do I add all the events 4-18 times? Cut and paste them in? See screenshot of the spreadsheet =

Thank you in advance.

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