Match 2: Chart v Map

Match number two pits a pair of visualization heavyweights against each other: the second seed Chart block and the 15th seed Map block. Both can tell you where you are (and where you’re going). But before we get to the voting, let’s talk about today’s contest!

This one’s simple. As you know, our template gallery is vast - with hundreds of examples, it’s easy to get lost in all the workflows! Within that wide array, there are 44 templates with chart blocks installed, and only 5 with maps. For today’s contest, you can either:

Happy hunting! As for today’s match up, vote below for who will win: Chart or Map??

  • Chart block
  • Map block

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Hi @Mohamed_Swellam, that was fast! But, this contest is limited to finding bases only in our template gallery (not universe). See if you can find one over at :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!

The Event Marketing Template uses both the Chart block & the Map block:

The Map block is used to pin potential venue locations.

The Chart block is used to track attendance statistics.

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Oh! Sorry bout that :smiley: I read the post on the phone and thought I read Universe …

So, here it is … But @Jeremy_Oglesby beat me to it :smiley:

It uses the Map Block only …

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Real estate transaction management template uses the Map block to illustrate a Property map

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