Match Dates in Different Tables

Hey everybody!

I’m looking for some help and guidance in regards to matching dates and then providing relevant emails that are associated with it.

Here’s the situation:

  1. A user fills out a form on my website that lists dates and times that they are available (up to 7 dates) I have it zapped into a table.
  2. In the backend, I’m manually finding events and uploading it to a different table in the same base. I outline information such as the link to the event, and the date/time it starts.

As soon as I put the start date of the event, I want it so that the email of the user that says their available during that time to show up and match, or some sort of organization system that gives me the people that are available for that event at that time.

Is there a way to do this? Should I create another table? I added two screenshots for reference. This would be so helpful - thank you.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are 7 dates that a user can select, so it would have to scan all of the dates!

Hi @Kaito_at_Pear,

You can work around that by making a Dates table where the Primary field is just a set of dates that the user can choose from. I see there are dates and times, but that would be just undoable. Instead of having 7 date fields, you can have only one date field that links to the Dates table and users can choose any number of dates.

After doing so, you can use Rollup field with ArrayUnique in the Events table (which will also be linked to the Dates Table) to get a list of the people available on that date.

If you want to get around the Link to another record part with the user, you can leave the form as it is but create a Zap that copies the dates from the 7 fields and pastes them into a Link to another record field, make sure the Primary field in this table is not a formula so that Zapier can create a new record if it doesn’t already exist.

Hope this helps! If it does, please mark it as a solution so others can see it.


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