Match Multiple Columns and rollup value of third

Hello Everyone,

I spent the entire morning trying to figure this out but apparently it’s not possible.

We have a supplier who sends us multiple packing lists per order. each packing list is basically a box with tracking number.

Please check out this example base:

What we’re trying to achieve, is to rollup the Quantity per each product per order in 1 line.

So the only way to do this is to get all the rows that match order number & product number, then rollup their quantities.

Thank you in advance.

I’m still hoping someone would be able to help with this.

Hi Berat,

Sorry that you haven’t had a response. Just so I totally understand the problem, you are looking to sum the quantity of each product for each order? Something like this:

  • Order 1 - Product 1: 25
  • Order 1 - Product 2: 25
  • Order 2 - Product 3: 30
  • Order 2 - Product 4: 35

Let me know if I have the right idea.


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Hi @Christopher_Williams

Thank you for your response.

That’s exactly what i’m trying to achieve in the “Products Per Order” table.

Hi @Berat,

Try this…

Create a field in your Products table to rollup the Qty from Orders

Then, change your field in Products per Order table to a lookup bringing the rollup qty into this table.

Let me know what you think.

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