Match record contained in two fields

I’m looking for a way to pull the matching record in two fields.

I’m pulling a bill of materials in from our product table so for example it will pull in these records;
8" Black rod
6" Black Shade
10" Box

In another field I’m pulling in all the parts that match a certain attribute for example
6" Red Shade
10" Red Shade
6" Black Shade
10" Black Shade
6" Green Shade
10" Green Shade

I’m trying to create a field that will see that in the example above the 6" black shade is in both of those fields and return that record.

Hi @Michael_Harrison,

Just to understand better, both will be in the same record (row)?

If so, you can make a formula in a new field that is something like IF(field1=field2, Field1, 0)

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