Matching jobs and candidates


Hello everyone,
I am looking to create a formula to match candidates and job openings.
Each “job” & “candidate” have hard & soft skills wich are tags (found each in separate tables)in our base.
The goal is to create a function helping us find which candidates have the most tags (skills) in common with the tags found in the job descriptions.
Would love some help from the community.



Another way to look at this could be having your jobs and candidates listed in the same column. Then use the grouping feature to lump records that share the same tags.

So if “Mac” has the tags x, y, z and Job 1 has the tags x, y, z if you group by the tag field, then Mac and Job 1 will be grouped together.



Hey Mac,
Thx for the help.
If I understand this well, there is a shortcoming to this as Mac might have a skill “a” which is not in Job 1, thus the grouping will not show Mac and Job 1 in the same group.
Do you see what I mean?