Mater-slave type of one-to-many relationship

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Is there anyway to make one-to-many relationship kind of master-slave relationship?
What I mean by master-slave here is making one table master and the other slave so if someone deletes a record in the master table, related records in the slave table would be automatically deleted. Is this kind of things are possible?


Not entirely possible natively, but you could simulate this in couple of ways…

You could use the scripting block to allow users to delete a record from the [Master] table, and then with the same script, delete the associated record(s) from the [Slave] table in the background.

For a more simple approach… If you have linking relationships set up, i.e. Record A on the [Master] table is linked to Record A on the [Slave] table, you could set up a view on the [Slave] table that is filtered to only show records that have a value linked to the [Master] table. This way when a record is deleted from [Master], the associated records would fall off of the view on the [Slave] table. You could then set up a second view that is filtered to only show records without a value linked to [Master], and delete them -manually- periodically.

Hope this is helpful!

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