Matrix Block's table view doesn't affect columns displayed

Hi, I have a base for scheduling volunteers. Tables are:

  1. Calendar
  2. Volunteers
  3. Shifts

I have a matrix block configured using the Shifts table and a view which filters to shifts within the next month. (We schedule a month at a time)

However, the columns shown in the matrix are not filtered. One column displays for every event in my Calendar table, regardless of how far in the future the event is.

I have checked the Shift table view itself and the grid filters correctly within the Upcoming Events view.

What am I missing? Is there a way to filter the columns to display just the events within the next month?

Welcome to the community, @Ashley_Jackson! :smiley: I’ve not used the Matrix grid before today, but a quick test appears to confirm what your situation shows. It appears that view filters only affect which records are included in the matrix content, not the design of the matrix rows/columns.

Have you tried turning on the “Only show columns with records” switch in the matrix settings? That should work based on the filter, because you wouldn’t have records in that view with dates more than one month ahead.


Hi Justin, Thanks for the response and yay for not being crazy :slight_smile: I have tried that option but it doesn’t give quite the results I’m looking for. let me try to explain and maybe you can suggest another strategy…

My goal is to schedule volunteers for church childcare. We have a calendar of events and a list of volunteers. Linking those two tables, I have a shifts table that holds the specifics for each needed position on a given event. For example, which room a volunteer is scheduled for.

We have calendar events stretch well out into 2020 but we only schedule the next month’s volunteers. I was hoping to use the matrix view to schedule the upcoming services, but without a shift record, those calendar events don’t appear in the matrix.

Ideally, what i’d like to see in the matrix is every event happening within the next month across the top, all the open childcare rooms down the left. then i just click the little plus and start filling in volunteers.

Does that make sense? Is there another way of accomplishing something similar that I’m missing?

Filter issues aside, does the matrix do everything else you need? In other words, can you still work with it even though it’s showing you records with dates more than a month out? Or are there more issues than just the date range? In lieu of the view filter being honored by the matrix, I’m curious if a mental filter will work in the meantime. :wink:

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