May product updates

Hello Airtable Community!

We wanted to gather all of May’s product updates in one place, to make sure we keep you in the loop.

Here is a list of changes, big and small, that we introduced in May:

  • Users now have the ability to change the trigger of an automation after creation!
  • When rendering records in an email we now fully support:
    • backslashes in a record’s content
    • list and grid column names that include underscores
    • truncating text fields when rendering records in a grid
  • Custom scripts no longer have to adhere to the 1 second limit of CPU time.
  • We officially launched the “Sync Source” field to help manage multi-source syncs.
    • For new multi-source syncs we’ll automatically create this field when you add a second sync source. For existing syncs, you can enable the field in your sync setting.
  • The View sidebar now supports fuzzy search.
  • When an automation is broken we have new error messaging to indicate that an error has occurred.
    • We’ve also added an explicit error to indicate when an automation’s external accounts have a problem and need to be reconnected.
  • When using the “Jira Cloud Create issue” action, we now require users to have the proper Jira permissions before setting the Reporter and Assignee fields.
  • We are happy to announce that both our mobile iOS and Android users have the ability to duplicate records!

Thanks for the updates! :smiley: We always stumble upon these new features accidentally, so it’s nice to have an official ongoing log of actual changes so we can keep up with the improvements to the product!

It would be awesome if this showed which base the sync source comes from (in addition to the table).

This is fantastic! :smiley:

Great improvements in May!


Hi, i missed one thing - you announced at “Whats new” salesforce as new external sync source but i can´t find this feature yet. When will it be published?

Thanks a lot

Hello @Marcel_Berno,

I just checked in and External Salesforce Sync will be released to Enterprise customers this upcoming Monday (6/7). Sorry about the miscommunication here!

EDIT: I forgot to mention this was an Enterprise plan only feature at this point.

Great! Will save a lot of time.

+1 Although, why not integrate this (also) into the update-page so we have everything in 1 place?

+1 If you have A LOT of bases and tables, it would be useful to see the base. Or to be able to click through to that specific table.

@Databaser That’s a great question! The “Airtable updates” page’s intent is to give folks a high level overview of larger new features that may open up entirely new workflows. These Community updates are meant to capture and surface everything else in terms of updates, expansions, and changes to existing features.

@ScottWorld and @Databaser I’ll make sure to pass along your feedback about the Sync Source field. :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed in the last week that there appears to be a change to the placement and operation of the ‘Add Record’ button.
It used to be in the bottom-right corner, and when pressed it floated a new row within the view so its details could be changed immediately.
It now appears that the button has moved to the bottom-left, it is smaller, and now annoyingly the new rows are placed at the very bottom of the table which I have to scroll all the way down. I wish it was easier than this.

@Chad_Smith Oh wow! Nice discovery there! The new record button is now anchored to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen so it is always visible instead of forcing us to scroll to the bottom of all of our records just to add a new record! This is great news, but I do agree that always having the big floating plus sign would be a nice additional enhancement as well. (Previously, I believe that the floating plus sign would only appear if you grouped your records by a formula field.)

@Rose_K, it’s little changes like this that we really need to know about. We need some sort of an ongoing public log of changes in Airtable. Otherwise, all of us are simply left to accidentally stumble upon new changes in Airtable. Anchoring the plus sign to the bottom toolbar is a gigantic improvement, but nobody mentioned it to us anywhere. It seems like most of the little changes in Airtable are not communicated to us, but an ongoing change log would fix this problem.

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Seems like a mobile-focused decision but yeah, it’s persistent. :confused:

I literally got a call from a client 2 days ago to ask me “where the big red ‘add a record’ button went”… Luckily I discovered it quickly.

An improvement? Yes. Less visible? Yes. No one told us? Yes. :man_shrugging:

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@ScottWorld Yes, my understanding is that it is only for grouped views, which mine is.
But it’s the workflow that comes after the addition of the new record which is now a lesser UX than before. It’s a real pain, TBH.
I don’t have a problem with the new button location, just the subsequent experience.

This “emailing a list of records” action is 100% useless to my clients, because:

  1. Airtable chooses its own record sorting order based on alphabetizing the Record IDs. This obviously makes no sense at all, since Record IDs are randomly-generated text strings that have no meaning. Alphabetizing something that has absolutely no meaning also yields no meaning. At the very least, sort the records by creation date, which might have some small semblance of meaning in rare cases. Ideally, give us the ability to sort the records.

  2. Even worse than choosing its own record sorting order, Airtable doesn’t let us choose the field order. This is even worse than not letting us choose the record order, because Airtable literally just dumps the fields into the email in the order that the fields were created. This is almost never the field order that anyone would ever want people to see their fields listed in.

It seems odd that Airtable would release half-baked features like this without finishing them, or without inquiring to see if they would actually meet customers’ needs or not. As a result of this, 100% of my clients are still required to use Integromat to send out their automated email lists to people.


Thanks for the feedback on the “Send Email” action. I’ve passed the feedback to our product team, and if I hear any updates on this subject I’ll make sure to flag them here.

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Thank you, @Rose_K! :smiley:

Just dropping in here to agree with @ScottWorld’s points.

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I think by now they’ve heard it more then enough to make it clear it’s a much needed option :expressionless:

@ScottWorld, @David_Solimini, and @Databaser

I’m very excited to announce: If you now “Find Records” based on a view, and then render those records as an HTML list or grid in an email, the records will be rendered in the same order as they were in the view.

I’ll also be promoting this latest update in the “June product updates” post a little later today, but wanted to highlight it here first! :dizzy:

EDIT: The “Find records” article has been updated to note inconsistencies that @ScottWorld brought up with this functionality. Thank you again @ScottWorld for pointing these out in a previous post! :star2:


Thanks so much, @Rose_K! This is great news! :smiley::raised_hands::heart: