Maybe I'm missing something about views

I see a form view to collect data from users. I see a few form-oriented addons, but they are for printing forms. Is there a way to create a form-oriented view of a table where users can update the table and add rows?

That’s exactly what form views do. After building the form view, you send the share link out to users. When a user fills out the form, it will add a record to the associated table. However, it can only be used to add records. It doesn’t currently allow editing of existing records.

If you need users to be able to edit existing records, there are workarounds to allow that to be done using Airtable forms and automations, but many prefer to use a third-party service like miniExtensions or On2Air: Forms. You could also manually connect JotForm to Integromat to update Airtable.

Thanks for the thoughts. I guess I’m thinking of a more traditional database form that allows data to be displayed flexibly - rather than a form for collecting data.

I’m thinking of the ability to let users interact with a database (e.g., CRUD operations) via a form. These types of forms usually have the ability to display master/slave data and repeating record blocks for the slave data.

Only third-party tools like the ones that I mentioned earlier can do that. It’s also possible to create custom apps in Airtable, and these can be designed with whatever interface you desire, though custom app development is significantly more complex than connecting to and customizing the services that I mentioned.

If you’d like some guidance while exploring these options, I recommend posting to the #developers:work-offered category. (For various reasons I’m unable to offer more direct help.)

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