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Sorry I struggle like crazy with formulas and know I post on here so often but Airtable is amazing and has revolutionized our reported!!!

Cue me getting over-excited and moving everything into Airtable which is great 99% of the time and leaves me with my head in my hands other days.

I was just wondering if anyone could help me I have a base for my family support workers, I have added a date created so I know when the referral came in and we have a linked table for interactions which is essentially every time we contact them so there are a lot of linked files in here. What I am trying to do is add a column to work out the date of the first interaction and then a second to work out the number of days between the referral coming in and the volunteer contacting them. Please can someone help before I literally start pulling my hair out

Hey Michelle!

I’m so glad you’re finding the community forum useful as you integrate Airtable into your workflow! If you’d like to reference the table I used to show you how it all works together, feel free to check it out here in the contacts table. Here’s more information on the two formulas you’re looking to create:

1. Date of First Interaction
Assumptions: (without knowing the exact names of your Fields, these assumptions will let you know where you need to adjust in your own base)
-This is displayed in the Contacts Table
-We’re going to base this formula on a condition being met in the linked table for interactions (an interaction date/time is recorded).
-The Field is going to be called Date of First Interaction
-The Interactions Field is a Lookup Field

Create a Rollup field and configure it like this:
Image 2020-08-11 at 10.13.33 AM

2. Days between referral coming in and Date of First Interaction
:checkered_flag: DATETIME_DIFF({Date of First Interaction}, {Date Created}, ‘days’)

Assumptions: (without knowing the exact names of your Fields, these assumptions will let you know where you need to adjust the field names within your formula)
-We’re going to base this field on the field called Date of First Interaction which was created in the first step as well as the Field called Date Created

For this formula, we’ll be using: DATETIME_DIFF([date1], [date2], ‘units’)
It returns the difference between datetimes in specified units. Default units are seconds. (See list of unit specifiers here.)

The difference between datetimes is determined by subtracting [date2] from [date1]. This means that if [date2] is later than [date1], the resulting value will be negative.

Hope this helps you! Please let me know if you have any questions!

I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you so much xx

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