Meal Planning: fields autopopulate

I’m trying to make a meal-planning table that will produce a sheet like this:

Right now I’ve got this:

What is the best way to efficiently get columns for each ingredient, which will populate with quantities (I have them broken down in another sheet) if that ingredient is listed for that recipe? Heads up, I’m no good at coding. I’ve copied and pasted the exact airtable instructions into the scripting block with no success.


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Hi @Angie_Belle - I don’t think you can easily get to this layout in Airtable. It is really a custom layout and doesn’t really reflect how that data would be stored in a database. If I was designing this base, I’d end up with a table something like this:

The closest I can get from this to your layout is using the pivot table block which gives this:

But you can’t build in the units of measurement and the pivot table isn’t really designed to do this sort of thing.

It is tempting to have all of the ingredients as fields/columns in one of the tables, but this isn’t a great table design tbh and you’ll come up against scalability issues if you have more than a few ingredients over time.

You might find exporting the data and pivoting it in Excel/GoogleSheets works better.

Sorry I can’t recommend anything!

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