Memberstack pulling data from Airtable?

Is anyone using Memberstack and pulling data from Airtable to make a private client dashboard.
I’m using Duda as CMS and have integrated Memberstack. Now I need to pull user data, stored in Airtable, and share with each client. Stuff like “Order numbers”, “tracking #”, etc.

Hi @Vignisson and welcome back to the community!

Yeah, I helped a company with this type of process a while back. I don’t recall all of the details and it was a very secure project (security and surveillance company) but I used the MemberStack API with Airtable and it resulted in an ideal and near-real-time handoff of data from tables to the dashboard.

In that case, there were a number of analytics that could not be easily calculated in Airtable rollups and summary views so we had to performs a number of computation processes in the integration layer.

One of the questions when pairing Airtable with any API is to determine what the middle-tier will look like and how much It will cost. This can be done in NodeJS pretty cheaply in Heroku although, without event handlers in Airtable, you have to rely on MemberStack to trigger the update requests. Alternatively, Google Apps Script is an option because it’s near-free and supports timely triggering.

Lastly, the new scripting action feature for Script Blocks could provide a way to push updated from Airtable directly into MemberStack.

Thank you so much @Bill.French for your valuable feedback. It really gives me confidence to keep going with this! I might get back to you on this later if I need to hire a consultant :wink:

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