Menu type creation


how to create a “menu” type field in a particular table


What you mean? I have quickly thought of the Single Select that seems a menu.


No I do not mean single select, specifically I want a field in which i want to accommodate different requirements but with some value!
just like below
-> Name: “value”
->contact: “value”


I don’t understand, you could add 2 fields: one for Name and other for Contact. But I guess you want something different :sweat_smile:

Could you explain deeper?


Oh, I think some multioption field, with the capability to enter a Label and a Value for every option, isn’t it?

  • Low:3
  • Medium:5
  • High:8
  • Top:10

Something like that? You could write all that in a Single Select, and then add a formula to get the value. Also, you could have only the labels in the options, and automate it with Zapier or similar.

Oh, and of course you could have the correspondant on another Table and then use Linked Record to select the item, and a Lookup to get the value.