Merge data across to bases

Hello everybody
I’m a newbie on this platform, so please sorry if I didn’t find the answer for my question.

I have 1 base with events for each client and I want to create another base for an overall view of diferent bases calendars. the main goal is to have a calendar with different teams for different clients merged to have a global view of every events that I have with different clients.

hope that my question is clear, I will thank you in advanced for all the help.

I wasn’t entirely sure which of the following best describes your case:

  1. You have 1 base, each client has their own table
  2. You have multiple bases, 1 base per client

If its the second one, you could use Airtable Sync to get the each client’s events synced to one base, but each client would have their own table. Right now there is no way to show records from multiple tables on a single calendar view.

I am working on a Master Calendar custom app which would allow people to show records from multiple tables in a single calendar, but its probably not going to be ready for another few months.