Merge duplicate options in single select settings


For some reason, I’m having the odd person create duplicate options in single select fields.

(so, say I have In Stock and Backordered as two single select options, someone could free type In Stock and add it as a third option)

It would be good if either:

a) The option to create a new single select disappeared when the text that had been entered perfectly matched an existing single select option


b) When opening the single select setting, you could do a quick merge of the duplicate actions.

The quickest way to do this currently is to change the field type from single select to text and back again, but this has a negative downside in that if you have any single select options not currently being used in the base, you will lose them when converting back from text to single select.

(Also a toggle to automatically keep single selects sorted alphabetically would be nice too, as would the ability to type and create new single select options from a form)


I encountered the same situation today as we began applying asset tags to equipment here at the office and scanning them into Airtable. An example was there already being a product name called “MacBook” in the table, and then someone accidentally typed “Mac Book”. I would like to either be able to simply merge those two single-select value options and choose the one that remains or the text for the new merged value, or being able to change the spelling of the second option and remove the space so that both values now say “MacBook” and have them automatically merge.

Situations like this arise frequently and having some kind of merge functionality goes a LONG way in terms of improving data entry consistency and aiding with data sanitization.