Merge duplicate records?


Hi there, apologies if this is written about elsewhere, I searched and didn’t find many relevant posts.

We have two duplicate records created from Acuity via Zapier. One Randall H. and one Randy H. Same person. I changed the name of the Randy in airtable to Randall, but they’re still different records and I’d like to merge all this student’s lessons to be under the same single student. Can this be done? Thanks!


You can “update” an Airtable record using zapier (Acuity & Airtable), which would replace the old record information. This is what you’d want to do. But, there is no way currently to merge information, without building a SUPER complex zap or some custom code.

I would love to do contact merge info as well, just not there yet.


Have a public/example base showing how you’d like to merge them?