Merging data with Dupe app

I automatically have email communications imported into the client’s record by using a program called Gustermail. For a short time the company was out of business and I had to use Zapier to set up the automation. It really messed up my files and instead of adding the new emails into the designated email log section of the client record, it created a brand new record for each new email. I want to run Dupe, but it doesn’t allow me to add data from multiple records without over-riding the existing data.

For example:
Jane Doe and I emailed 6 times. So Jane Do has 6 records in my Client Base, each with a different email message in the Email Log section I created.

When Dupe App finds Jane Doe’s records, it asks me to make one of the records primary, which works fine. But after that I can only choose one email log section to merge into the primary record and I have to delete all the other emails. I’d like to merge it so that I can select multiple “email logs” to add in to one location rather than replace.


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