Merging multiple formulas


I am trying to create a formula field that summarizes which fields in a record are empty and to return some text that indicates which fields are empty.

For instance
If ANY FIELD is EMPTY display those FIELD NAMES along with some text like “has not been entered”

The following works for each individual field and I could use a different statement for each field.

IF(Phone = BLANK(), “Please enter phone”) , IF(Date = BLANK(), “Please enter date”)

But would there be a formula that could identify all empty fields and could display a message for each?

IF(Phone = BLANK(), “Please enter phone; ”) & 
IF(Date = BLANK(), “Please enter date; ”) &


Yes, Thanks. So i’m wondering is there a formula that recognizes all empty fields and returns text without doing an IF statement for every field manually?


My purpose for this would be that if i added fields in the future that they would be automatically included by the formula.


No, there’s no formula that does that. I’ve always just done it manually with conditionals.