Merging records with same ID

Hey guys. I’m trying to simplify a de-dupe routine.

Scenario: I have a significant amount of records I’m importing. Many have identical IDs but have one multiple-select field that is different. I need to merge those into one record to combine the multiple selects. My manual process has been to do the following:

  1. Copy/paste new data in.
  2. Run De-Dupe App manually, checking every record.

This works, but it’s super time-consuming. I need to automate the process.

Is there any batch process to handle this? It’s always the same result. Needs to merge against the ID. All other fields remain the same, the only change is the multiple-select field.



How often do you need to import new information in? If you need to do this on an ongoing basis, you can do this with a custom script app or custom automation script action.

There may also be some third party tools that can do this, but the simplest to implement would be a custom script. Then your workflow would be.

  1. Copy/paste new data in.
  2. Click “run” button for the custom script app.

The script detects the duplicates, merges the multi-select field values, and deletes the extras.

An automation script could merge the duplicates as well, but would require a bit more to setup and would take up automation runs. Since you have to interact with the user interface already, the additional step of clicking the run button shouldn’t add much to your workflow.

If you need would like to hire someone to write this script for you, feel free to send me a direct message.

It’s something I need to do weekly, with a couple thousand records. I’ll DM you.

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