Messaging feature needs improvement!


The discussion feature with Airtable is seriously lacking in many ways. If this experience could be improved to align with other organization apps, this would help us as an agency drive more people to use the system. Here is what is wrong with the chat feature:

  • Needs to be its own pop-up. Too confusing tucked away to the side.
  • Chat width is too small. Very hard to read long messages
  • No spell check ability - Many spelling errors when you are in a hurry, looks bad to the client
  • No method to bold or style text.

Please, please, please can this be upgraded???

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Looks like these requests are just getting thrown into the wind.



Airtable moves slow. Don’t expect any immediate response, let alone immediate changes to the app(s). They do continue to implement new features, however, and often post here when Beta programs are available for those features. I’ve never tried the Hangouts Block (if it still exists) but I know that is one alternative to in-app chat for now.

Usually they ask for your use-case to better understand how and why you would use a chat feature in your given iteration of Airtable, as well.

Just some thoughts. Cheers



Thanks for the reply and awareness of this post. I totally understand that things do not get implemented quickly but I thought there would be a bit more buzz about the need for this. I have clients continue to require to go back to Basecamp for this reason. If the chat was similar then I could keep clients on Airtable.



Thanks Alex - I will check out Hangouts



No good options in Blocks. Only general video chat. I have text discussions that get quite lengthy for an item and would at least be nice if the chat area was wider so you can read large blocks of text.