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Hi there!
I am new to airtable.
I am having an intention to do bulk meta description requests for list of domains I’ve got.
Please suggest me the best shortcut, I guess the best option should be Google MetaData API, right?
Is there any way to connect airtable directly to Google API without 3rd party?


Yep - I approach this my using Google Apps Script -> MetaData API and then from Google Apps Script -> Airtable API.

Thanks for your feedback! This method is the easiest right? As I am not a programmer it could be a pain.
Maybe you could suggest me link for some tutorial?

Hi Eugene,

Indeed, a lifetime of pain if you become a programmer. :wink:

I addressed your question because it was predicated by the avoidance of a 3rd party solution. If the requirement is to own the integration approach entirely, your solution is only possible with custom code, and a fair bit of it.

Realistically, you will need about a year of study and practice to become proficient in all the SDKs and language constructs I referenced above. You might be able to plow through in a few weeks to get something working, but this would likely be a very minimal solution.

One alternative is, yes a third party system, but it might be useful to gather the data you want.

Thanks for Sharing, bill, I’ll check it out.
I am into learning such super important skill as working with API’s and integrations I just need a good teacher who would explain all the stuff having real examples for non programmers ;)) Could be a great course for marketers though!

Lots of good teachers in this community.

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