Metadata API for schema and mutating tables

+1 Readable metadata as a minimum!


This is a real bummer and would be very useful. Its 2020 now and still no response… frustrating

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Yep. A half-decade waiting. This is the equivalent of 35 Internet years; roughly half the lifetime of the product.

The request for a simple Split() function is also in the 5yr range. Unbelievable.

100% this… I’m wanting to work on a big integration with Airtable into my existing application, but it’s way too hard without having Schema definitions… its like you said… brittle and unpredictable - if I don’t know what type of field I’m working with, I can’t make a good experience for our users.

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This is critical functionality and would make Airtable a much more powerful tool.

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I was seeing? the codepen Airtable API Encoder, and I be reading the comments of this post, and i thinking that if is possible add more complex options to the codepen code for econde our Api to get more and best request? is for this that zapier can do other functions that we dont can?

is possible implement this code in a function with the link to url?

+1 for this feature request. It would be hugely beneficial and the community has been asking for it for years.

I agree this functionality would be very useful.