Method to populate a column with all unique values of several columns from another table?

Hi all! I’m on a fairly time crunched project and am stuck on solving a problem. Specifically, I am fetching data from an API using DataFetcher that is a table of products that have columns with “tags” for the product. There are a total of six columns with different tag names in each column. What I’m hoping to do is in a separate table entitled “Tags” to a have a column key where each record is a unique value of any tags in those six columns in the other table. Ideally, this would also update automatically when datafetcher runs and updates the other source table and new tags are added. Is this feasible?

Many thanks in advance for any consideration.

Convert your tag columns into a Link To Record-type field, all pointing to the one table presumably called “Tags”


Thanks, @Kamille_Parks. Definitely worked…I’m going to need to some more reading to fully wrap my head around why beyond magic. Thanks again. Very much appreciated.

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