Microsoft PowerApps Connector


Microsoft PowerApps, Power BI, and Flow would be incredibly well paired with Airtable. Our team uses Airtable these days for just about everything.

We also happen to like Microsoft’s plans for the Common Data Model that PowerApps is using and really appreciate the insights that Power BI is giving us into our data. We think that we could build some incredible apps and dashboards if Airtable submitted their own connector to Microsoft here:

I also think it would just be great marketing to have Airtable featured in the list of supported connectors. Think about all the people that are currently using SharePoint Lists, Excel Spreadsheets, and Access databases that would be much better suited to using Airtable to host their data.


Airtble Vs Power BI

Really hope somebody in @Airtable can notice it… I’m using Airtable with whole team in my org, having flow connectors would be incredibly helpful to get Airtable inside our MS apps…

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Agreed this would be incredibly useful.



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