Migrating Filemaker with images in records to Airtable

I’m looking at migrating museum collections records in a Filemaker database to Airtable. We have close to 30k records in the inventory. I consulted Tim Dietrich’s post on migration from Filemaker to Airtable but there’s no mention of images being migrated.

I have 1-3 photos linked to each record and close to 30k records to migrate.

Had anyone had success migrating images along the data? We can’t manual link images each record.

Thank for your help.

Hi all, I’m also trying to do this from Filemaker for an art gallery. Over 1000 records all with single images (in a filemaker container field). Any solutions found?

Hi @Ben_Stevens,

I am both a Certified FileMaker Developer and an Airtable consultant.

There is no direct or simple way to do this, but it can definitely be done with some work put into it.

  1. First, all of your container field images would need to be migrated to a cloud image hostIng provider, and then the URL’s of each image would need to be stored in FileMaker for each record. You will need to either use your image host’s API or (possibly) Claris Connect to make this happen.

  2. After that, you would need to interact with Airtable’s API from within FileMaker to carry over all of your attachment URL’s into Airtable and make sure that they are connected to the proper records. (The attachments will be stored in Airtable, so you can get rid of the attachments from your cloud hosting provider after the migration is complete.) Alternatively, you could just migrate over your data into Airtable by putting the URLs into a URL field in Airtable, and then use this extension to convert your URLs into attachments.

This entire process is somewhat technical, so if you need to hire an expert to help you with this, please feel free to send me a private message. :slight_smile:


Hi Ben need to transfer a 700 item database from filemaker to airtable

can we talk about it ?


Welcome to the community, @Elias_Menasse!

I have sent you an email!