Migrating form from SurveyGizmo to Airtable


Hi there,

I’m trying to migrate a form from SurveyGizmo to Airtable, and I’m running into some limitations, specifically with computed fields.

I’d like to be able to configure a question on the form so that if a customer selects “Yes” as an answer, a follow-up question appears. If the customer selects “No,” the follow-up question will ideally remain hidden.

Can someone please clarify for me if this is simply not an option with an Airtable form? Is there a workaround I’m not aware of?

Many thanks, in advance, for any help you can lend.


This is simply not an option with an Airtable form. Your workarounds for this are going to involve complex constructions with other web services - usually a form service, and an automation or API service.


Thanks so much for your response - that’s good to know.