Min function doesn't work with lookup fields?

I am experiencing unexpected behavior.

Is this expected behavior that MIN function in formulas doesn’t work with lookup fields that contain numbers (in the same format)?

Would be great if I someone can check & maybe I am getting this wrong?
Thanks in advance

I would check the formatting on the lookup field and make sure it’s one of the first four. If not, the lookup thinks your number is a string (probably). I just tried using MIN with a lookup (currency original field) and it worked fine.

Instead of creating a lookup field + formula field, create a rollup field that points to the number field and use this formula:

MIN (values)

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What if he doesn’t want the min of all the values, but the min between the number in each record and some constant that’s important to him?

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Not sure… that’s a little trickier since Airtable handles arrays relatively strangely. I think people have solved that problem before in other threads. I think it involves some combination of the ARRAY functions.

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I also recommend using a rollup field instead of a lookup. Rollup formulas can include references to other fields in the same table as the rollup.

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