Mind Map View to create and edit records

The ability to create tables and records in this type of view would change my life.


This would be fantastic.

I also want something like electronic post-it notes. Moving blocks of ideas around on a page while maintaining the links to sources in the table. Maybe there’s an integration that would work for me (ie. Zapier to Mindmanager). Being able to create and edit records in the visual view would be so helpful.


This features would make Airtable perfect for project design


Mine too!! and with the ability to have colored nodes for categorization.


This could be done via a Block. It would be very useful to navigate through linked records

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Yup! This would be great. I tried ZenKit and they have this option of mind mapping entrees. I love AirTable and I’m not moving to ZenKit, but I really need this kind of feature on my life!

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what I meant was: Airtable could design a specific new kind of Block for that kind of functionality.

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I put my vote in for this too! A freely associative, object-oriented mind map where every object can be used as a tag and tags become objects capable of having their own tags. Whenever I add a tag to one object, I would want the ability to have the tagged object add my current object as a tag to itself (tying them together) to make the search function easier. This would be a totally hierarchy-free system. Everything relates to everything else through tag-objects, and whatever I search for becomes the “focal” object, showing tagged/related objects all around. Filters could be applied to these tags to narrow down the results being displayed/highlighted.

Other views could then be created to show the objects/tags in a way we want to see. For example, a Calendar view could be created to show all objects marked as “Events”. Each Event block would display certain parameters. I also thought it would be cool to have a tag system that worked kind of like old DOS, having an ability to add tag “modifiers” to increase detail. Example: I want to save a Recipe, maybe I make this as “Recipe-is” and in my ingredients, I could add the tag “Recipe-in”. Both of these, if I created them as objects, would be added to the “Recipe” object as a tag (the -is or -in would have no effect on this). The -is or -in would be helpful for showing how the object relates more specifically to the tagged object and might be useful in grouping things.

If there is another program that does this, please comment.



A mindmap-database combo would basically make all my other project management software obsolete. So awesome!!!