Minimum Value Exclude 0

I want to get minimum value in a cell however I want to exclude 0.


My first instinct on how to solve this would be:

Do you really need to see all those $0.00 values in your lookup field? Is it important to you to see all of those $0.00 values?

If not, just modify your lookup field to become a conditional lookup field by filtering out any records that have $0 as their value.

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Oh, and I should add:

If seeing all those $0.00 values IS important to you, then I think the easiest way to solve this would be to simply create ANOTHER lookup field where you conditionally filter out the $0.00 values, and then base your formula on THAT lookup field instead. You can also hide that additional lookup field so you don’t need to see it.

Hi, yes the $0 is important because we field that auto generate value in that area.
Just want to ask how to filter out $0 if I create new field? I can’t determine.

Create a conditional lookup:

Thank you for your idea. I already get the output I need.
I used rollup and add condition not equal to = 0.



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