Mirroring Information from one table to another

Hi - I have just started using Airtable and I am wanting to arrange for information entered in one table to mirror in another field in a separate table. Can anyone help with this?

Hi @Mubarak_Syed,

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You can do that by Linking a record from Table 1 to Table 2, then using the Lookup function.

However, if you give me more context I can help you better.


Ok thanks, Basically I have two tables AUDIT and TIDY UP

I am going through doing file audits but some documents are not applicable to every file therefore do not need tidying up. So if I click N/A in the AUDIT table I want that to automatically show as NA in the TIDY UP table? Does that make sense?



So do you have any link between both tables? I did not get that part.

If they are linked, you can create a Lookup field that looks up the N/A field.

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