Mirroring select value options in different tables

I have a base with two tables (“Studies” and “Outcomes”). The Studies table is a study-level table with bibliographic, exposure, outcome, and other information for each study. The Outcomes table is a long-format table with one row per outcome.

Both tables have an “Exposure” column that should have the same select values in each table: I want to enter information about all of the exposures in a multiple-select “Exposures” column in the Studies table and then have only those options populate the “Exposure” column in the Outcomes table.

For example, if Study 1 looks at several outcomes (e.g., “heart attack,” “flu,” “nothing”) in relation to three exposures (e.g., “toxins,” “virus,” “bacteria”), I want the Exposures column in the Studies table to be populated with “toxins” “virus” “bacteria” using multiple-select options. I then want the Exposure column in the Outcomes table to only offer me these three options to select from as I’m entering information into each row for each outcome.

I can do this manually by copying the column from the Studies table and pasting it into the Outcomes table, but since entering the data is an iterative exercise, I occasionally add a new option (e.g., “fungus”) to the Exposures column in the Studies table, and I want that option to become available in the Exposure column in the Outcomes table without me having to manually switch over to the other table to add it. Is this possible?

Thank you!


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