Missing guidance information for selecting a [linked-record] row in Airtable-forms - Email Campaign Tracker

Hi Airtable Community,

To build an email campaign tracker I would like to use Airtable forms to log leads. However, matching a lead with an email isn’t as easy as I thought. My current solution is to list all the emails and campaigns in one view. In this view I have a Linked Record column which connects to the listing of the leads:

In the table of the Leads I created the form to log the leads. To match the lead with the right email and campaign I have to search for the corresponding body and campaign. However, some emails in different campaigns have the exact same email body. Hence searching for the right record like below doesn’t work:

The thing which made me send this post was that in the form builder mode I was able to view additional information regarding the records which I search:

My question: how can I access the additional information in the active form view? No problem at all if this is a premium feature.

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