Missing Search Results / Search lagtime


Sometimes I search for a record that I know is present in a table, but see 0 results. If I wait a minute or two and search again, I find it as expected.

This is always in my largest table, roughly 5,000 records with about 75 different fields.

It seems obvious that the search feature takes time to index larger tables. If the search/indexing cannot be sped up, I would suggest putting in some kind of status bar or spinning wheel to indicate that the search has not fully loaded. It is troubling to search for a record, not find it, create a new one, then realize you have duplicates! (Yes, this happens…)


I wonder if this has the potential to affect the API as well.


To be clear, the Ctrl/Cmd+F search function is performed entirely client-side, and does not incur any index lag. In other words, if there is any record content visible in your current view, the search function will immediately display it as a result. Is it possible that you were looking at a different view, in which the target record was not present?


I click the magnifying glass to activate the search – should that work the same as the Cmd+F ?

I’m definitely looking in the same view with the record present. I know because my workaround has become to sort by last name and just scroll down until I find the record I’m looking for when it doesn’t show up in search.

I will try to recreate and post screenshots showing “0” results for a name present in that view. It happens intermittently.


Yes it should behave the same. Thanks for the speedy reply! Definitely let me know if you can create screenshots showing the records not searching properly.