Missing Summary Bar?


Please help! I just realized that there is not a summary bar on the bottom of my base. Ive been using Airtable this year to track sales etc, and I cannot figure out how to get the summary bar. I’ve verified that I am in grid view. Any ideas? Or how to sum up the columns? I am not very excel/worksheet/airtable savvy and I really do not want to hand calculate the columns as I start to do my taxes.



You will need to group by a field in order to get the summary bar to show up.

Additionally, if you have a field with the same value across the records of interest, you could rollup+sum into a single field/single record in another table.


Can you direct me to someplace that explains what it is you are referring to? I dont know what either option really is.


Could you leave a screenshot of the not-summary bar? Are those fields you want the summary bar for of number type?


I think this is what you need to get started: