Mobile Integromat app with Airtable Watch Records module? Can it be done?

I wonder if somebody familiar with Integromat can tell me if this can be done.

I have a workflow starting with Airtable Watch Records module -> Airtable Retrieve Record module ->…

While this works OK, I don’t have many credits left at the end of the month with so many workflows I have running.

I tested using Integromat iOS/Android app and it seems it doesn’t consume credits for stand-by operation, it just consumes the credits when the workflow is running.

So I would prefer to run the workflow manually from the mobile device. It’s actually convenient.

However, while most other workflows work that way, I can’t get it work with Airtable. Seems the Airtable Watch module is required, because otherwise, how would Airtable Retrieve Record module know what record to retrieve. Or is there any way to get around it?

What I want is to launch the Integromat workflow from mobile. The issue is I can’t get the Android/iOS module connected with Airtable Watch module.

This may be more or less question of integromat support, but just checking if anybody here had this working in the way I describe with mobile app.

You can’t have 2 triggers for the same scenario. You need to use the Airtable search function, not watch records.


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