Mobile support - App or Browser


Is there any way to load blocks in mobile phones ? Any known hacks?


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Would also love to know this.

Hi! Blocks aren’t supported on mobile right now, but it’s something we’re thinking about. If you can share a little more about what you have in mind that can help inform our prioritization :slight_smile:

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  1. I wanted to see a chart on my phone
  2. Somebody else - they use another app for Facilities management. They work with plumbers and electricians who should be able to click a button in the block, they don’t have access to a computer to do it. They couldn’t use Airtable because of the lack of blocks support in the Airtable app.

I’m sure there are tons of potential applications for blocks on mobile, but the most immediate example for my organization is the time-tracker block. As I commented in a related thread, the ability to use the time tracker block on mobile would allow us to track production in our in-plant print shop and distribution center, essentially doubling the number of users for our organization.

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