Moderation; Where improvements can be made and my honest opinion

Hello All,

Firstly, may I introduce myself, @Luke11.

I am making this topic in regards to the forum and how it is ran. I’m not saying it’s ran badly, I’m saying it’s got a lot of evident downfalls.

Firstly, I believe there needs to be a clear and well established system. When browsing through the ‘badges’ section I came to realise that the last time one of the ‘leaders’ was online was a decent amount of time ago and the regulars are not in fact regulars so to speak. I believe a clear system needs to be established where there are a select few moderators who manage topics and keep the forum tidy by closing unneeded topics.

Secondly, to reinforce my last statement, there should be a select few active moderators who are at a persons assistance when a #support topic is created or someone needs help. The lack of support within the forum may be damaging to the reputation of customer services. There’s been hours of wait for people who just want a simple answer to their question.

These are just my two cents, I’d like to hear other views but I’d also like to hear the admins of this forum consider my view. I’d be happy to help moderating the forum as I have past experience and would love to help out and I’m sure there are others too.

Thank you,


Hi there!

To clarify: this forum is not intended to be the primary support channel for Airtable users to submit support questions and/or get personalized help from Airtable staff. In our forum guidelines, we state that

this is a community forum, and it is primarily designed for users to have conversations with each other—not for users to contact the staff. While Airtable employees … will not respond to every post, and you should not expect that your post will necessarily receive a response from an Airtable employee.

If you would like to get in contact with Airtable’s staff, or if you are having an urgent issue with an Airtable base, we suggest that you use the in-app support or that you email us at