Modified By "Unknown" issue

Hi all,

I have the last modified showing up as “Unknown” in a synced table and not sure what is causing this.

Is this possibly the record coming from the other base not showing the creator, until someone updates possibly?


Hey @Drew_Pirrit

So, the modified by field will display the collaborator that last modified the field.

However… it will only display the collaborator if they have access to the base/workspace.
With that in mind, you can do a couple of things if you really want to see the data in that specific field.

The first thing you can do is simply share the base/workspace with the collaborators.
The second thing you can do is create a formula field that directly references the field, and have it return a text string.

That text string will return properly in the table sync to your other base.

There are a few other workarounds I can think of, but those are the most straightforward ones I can think of.

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Thanks very much Ben, makes sense now!

Much appreciated, cheers

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